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Executive training - Business Mandarin Chinese

Chinese language executive training at Yao Mandarin School is designed to meet the growing language demands of business people in a rapidly changing global economy. Improvements in trade relations between the United States and China are directly related to communicating idea effectively and assuredly. Maintaining client satisfaction in China requires an appreciation not only of language but of culture. We are certain the level of executive training you receive will exceed your business needs and individual expectations.

Yao Mandarin School provides tailored instruction utilizing the Mandarin Quick Learn MQL program. Adhering to the MQL program will enable you to acquire the essential aspects of the language in 30 hours, which ensures that learning Chinese will not interfere with essential corporate matters. MQL promotes basic Chinese language learning through repetition of vocabulary, speech and pronunciation. Partaking in the MQL program through Yao Mandarin School Executive Training is, in fact, a natural partnership; both are reliant on motivation to succeed, a desire to learn new things and a commitment to excellence. In addition, Yao Mandarin School will incorporate cultural awareness training into your lessons and introduce Chinese business customs to enhance your Chinese corporate knowledge.

Understanding that your time is very valuable, Yao Mandarin School offers flexible scheduling. If you unexpectedly go out of town on business, we will gladly resume training upon your return. We understand your primary commitment is meeting the needs of your client. Our primary commitment is to you.

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