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1. What is Yao Mandarin School's teaching philosophy?

Simple really; we think learning should be fun. We strive to make every part of the Chinese language learning process as enjoyable as possible. By following a focused and efficient lesson plan, we insure that learning Chinese with Yao Mandarin School is both pleasing and effective.

2. Who is the founder of Yao Mandarin School?

Yao Zhang is the founder of Yao Mandarin School. He originally founded the school in Shanghai in 1999. He has conducted private tutoring and group classes in Shanghai, Paris and New York. He previously taught Mandarin Chinese at the renowned Columbia Business School in New York. His students have included Fortune 500 managers, media executives, journalists, TV reporters, government officials, diplomats as well as those with a general interest in learning Mandarin Chinese.

3. Do you offer group classes for intermediate/ advanced students?

Currently, we do not offer group classes for intermediate and advanced students. We are glad to offer you private one-on-one instruction tailored to your needs, within the comfort of your office or home.

4. Who are your typical students? Why do they want to learn Chinese?

Our students are from assorted backgrounds; finance, banking, marketing, fashion, manufacturing, legal, education and entertainment.
Our students opt to learn Chinese for various reasons, many of which are career oriented. Past students have worked for multinational firms conducting business in or with China while others are looking to stand out in the workplace by developing a strong language skill set to bolster future career opportunities. Other reasons to learn the language include preparation for an impending move to China as well as trying to improve communication with a Chinese significant other.

5. Do you offer Chinese business training?

We understand that in the business world, it is crucial to stay competitive. If your organization does business with Chinese speaking clients, we can help you stand out by helping you and your employees develop much envied Chinese language skills. Our training will give you the confidence needed to communicate with competence and ease. We provide individual or group instruction for all levels from absolute beginner Chinese to advanced Chinese. The class will be customized to your business needs.

6. Why would I want to learn Chinese?

Good question, one we can not answer for you. At Yao Mandarin School, we pride ourselves on providing a fun, learning environment with proven, effective results. We understand that the reasons for learning a new language are varied and dependent on the individual. Reasons are less important to a fulfilling education experience than being motivated to succeed. We want people who want to learn.

7. I decided that I want to learn Chinese, now what?

If you are best suited to the "absolute beginner" level, please click here to find out more. If you are best suited to the "intermediate/advanced" level, please click here to find out more.
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