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The most basic of all classes, the Absolute Beginner Chinese language class at Yao Mandarin School is intended for students who wish to learn Chinese without any previous form of instruction. The course can be taken in either a classroom setting or through private tutoring, the latter allowing for more flexible scheduling for those who lead busy lives or who simply feel more comfortable with individualized tutoring. Regardless of which type of instruction you prefer, Yao Mandarin School will provide an unparalleled Chinese language learning experience highlighted by our acclaimed Mandarin Quick Learn (MQL) program.

MQL is a unique Chinese training program developed to assist those unfamiliar with the language in learning essential aspects of Mandarin Chinese in around 30 hours. This Course maintains the principle of teaching only what is truly essential for learning practical, current Chinese. 30 hours of training may not seem like enough time to grasp Chinese considering the complexities of tone and grammar within the language. Following the MQL program, students will come to understand that Chinese is not as difficult as previously thought. The language does not rely on much grammatical jargon, which simplifies the learning process. Through repetition of vocabulary, tone and pronunciation, students will experience increases in motivation and memory skills crucial to success enabling them to acquire the tools necessary to communicate effectively in everyday situations.

The Yao Mandarin School Absolute Beginner Chinese class, either group or individual, aims to educate students in the intricacies of the language and culture as well as to create a specialized communication skill set that will enhance and enrich your life. We can't wait to get started!

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Friday March 28th, at 7pm
Learn Chinese in a Toronto Chinatown restaurant, with delicious food!