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At Yao Mandarin School, we appreciate that the needs of the absolute beginner differ from those of the intermediate/advanced student. Students seeking a higher level of Chinese language education have a unique set of challenges they must address in order to determine which aspects of the language they need to improve upon. Instead of reacting to your issues, we take a more proactive approach to teaching evaluating your specific situation and skill level before the first class is scheduled. Here is a sampling of some dilemmas facing the prospective intermediate/advanced student:

Our intermediate/advanced lessons ascertain your current communication skill set. Once we understand what you know we will aim to strengthen and perfect your grammar, speech tones and pronunciation allowing you to converse without feeling like your message is not getting across, crucial when you are relocating to China or travel to China frequently.

We know something about life coming at you pretty quickly. Yao Mandarin School understands being taught Chinese fast is no way to learn. Whether we incorporate our MQL program designed to motivate and enhance student concentration or a curriculum you are familiar with, our instructors will never rush the language learning process.

Intermediate/Advanced Chinese classes are offered through private tutoring in the comfort of your own office or home. Advanced Chinese private lessons are flexible; perfect for people with busy schedules, those preparing for a trip to China for business or pleasure, or those looking to strengthen and expand on their language skills.

Through every step of the process, from individual evaluation to scheduling your first intermediate/advanced Chinese language session, Yao Mandarin School will create a study plan designed to maximize your individual learning potential.

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Friday March 28th, at 7pm
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