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The national education systems of Japan and Korea require their students to learn basic Chinese characters. Though various levels and degrees of these characters are taught, pronunciation and conversational skills are often omitted from the lesson plan. Being that Korean and Japanese are similar to Mandarin Chinese, students can readily adapt to the new language. However the likeness of the languages creates unique challenges for the Korean or Japanese speaker.

At Yao Mandarin School, we have extensive experience working with Korean and Japanese speakers. We thoroughly evaluate your current knowledge of Chinese characters, grammar and pronunciation in order to accurately and effectively address your language deficiencies. Once we understand your strengths and weaknesses, we will tailor the curriculum to enhance your learning potential. You will begin conversing in Chinese in as little as 30 hours.

Learning Chinese with Yao Mandarin School, either through our group class or private one-on-one tutoring, is not only guaranteed to be highly educational but more fun than you anticipate.


Friday March 28th, at 7pm
Learn Chinese in a Toronto Chinatown restaurant, with delicious food!