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Group Chinese class Shanghai

Yao Mandarin School Shanghai provides group Chinese classes of all levels including Beginner Chinese (1/2/3), Intermediate Chinese (1/2/3) and advanced Chinese.

To ensure that each student has sufficient opportunity of practice and interaction, our group class is as small as 2-5 students.

Each level contains 60 hours of instruction, the cost is as low as US $560 (€450, or £425), that is less than US $10 per hour!

The class you signed up for will be guaranteed to start after your booking, even if we don't have enough students signed up. The exact scheduling and time will be sent to the registered students prior to the start of the course.

Once the class starts, it can't be suspended or cancelled.

Schedule - Weekday Class
- Mon & Wed morning
- Tue & Thu morning
- Mon & Wed afternoon
- Tue & Thu afternoon

Schedule - Evening & Weekend
- Mon & Wed evening
- Tue & Thu evening
- Sat & Sun morning
- Sat & Sun afternnon

All our instructors are professional and experienced with advanced degree in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. They can speak at least 1-2 languages fluently beside Mandarin Chinese.

All major credit cards are accepted through Google Checkout.

The price is in USD, includes CD/Book & Tax;

Upon registration and signup, we will send your registration form which can be used supoorting your visa application if you are not already in China.