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Toronto Chinatown is one of the largest Chinatown  
in North America.

Toronto has the largest Chinese community in Canada, there are in fact more than one Chinatown in GTA(Great Toronto Area).  But the Chinatown located in the centre of Toronto is the oldest and very reasonablely, is one of the biggest tourist attracation in Toronto.

For us Chinese learners, it shall be a good place to learn Chinese!! How? You hear, talk and read Chinese... Yao Mandarin School encourages you to turn this great Chinatown a classroom.


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                  Toronto Chinatown may be exotic to many, but to us Chinese learners it's a really great big classroom.  In this classroom, the blackboards are full of Chinese characters of all colors, fonts and shapes...., in this classroom, people speak all versions of Chinese...

                  Have fun learning Chinese while strolling around in Chinatown... Take a look at one of our Chinatown program <a href="">Eat And Learn Chinese in Toronto Chinatown</a>