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When enrolling in a language class, especially one in which the subject matter is as unique as Chinese, it is essential that students do not feel overwhelmed by their surroundings. In a city as large as Vancouver, it can be a challenge finding a classroom that can both teach the curriculum and incorporate instruction in a small setting.

At Yao Mandarin School we do exactly that, offering the highest level of introductory Chinese language study in a learning environment that never exceeds nine people ensuring each student will receive personal instruction.

Our Absolute Beginner Mandarin Chinese Group Class introduces students to the Chinese language using the Quick Mandarin: 30 hours (QM30) program. QM30, the creation of school founder Yao Zhang, teaches students the essential aspects of Chinese; namely pronunciation, speech tones and vocabulary through repetition.

When establishing QM30, he understood that learning Chinese was thought to be incredibly demanding and intimidating for those who have never attempted to study the language.

Taking that into account, the program is designed to take the stigma of extreme difficulty away so that students who follow the program will learn the basic elements of Chinese in 30 hours. Though 30 hours of study may not seem like enough time to grasp the basics of the language, the integration of the QM30 program within the Yao Mandarin School Group Class promotes assertiveness and togetherness among students and faculty, which serve to motivate all involved in making the Absolute Beginner Chinese Group Classes rewarding, successful and fun.

Group Classes take place in the heart of Vancouver. There are a variety of class times available to choose from ranging from weeknights, a popular option for those with busy weekday schedules, and weekend classes. Please consult the Group Class Schedule to determine which class time is right for you. We hope you choose to begin your Chinese education with Yao Mandarin School and can't wait to make it a positive, educational experience.

Group Class Schedule and Sign Up